Friday, September 1, 2017

latest bitcoin price - twitter

is going cheaper!! Right now, buy price is $4825.69 & Selling price is $4824.98.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What is your review of SBR Technologies Pvt. Ltd.?

I did some research. According to Ripoff Report and Glassdor, this company is a scam company. So, I recommend you to stay away from doing any business with either SBR Technologies or Biswajit Singh.
I am pasting the review here for you to decide.
They allure you with some good dreams, so called fake promises. Starting from owner (also known as "JIT") to his domesticated employees all are liars. Just talks insensible things, all big, baseless talks. Previously, there were few good employees but now none. The remaining mangers are no good, has no experience.
Biswajit Singh is a fraud. No business sense. Appoints any Tom, Sam, Harry to manage his company. The management will make you work like slave but they themselves don't work at all on the other hand they will make you literally beg for your salary. Just work and never expect salary, forget about increment lol !!!
All good reviews in this page are false, the owner forces his domesticated employees to post fake good reviews, so that his company ranking does not goes down. In few days you will notice a good review above my review and I can bet you it is false.
***Please do not join this company without investigating about its condition***
Advice to Management
Advice to OWNER Mr. Biswajit Singh
Please stop putting money only in your pocket, give some to your employees.
Stopping putting Fake Good reviews in this site about your company.
Apply some business sense while making business decisions.
Stop torturing your resources, get some good managers.
Hope that helps.

SBR Scam